Friday, February 6, 2009


Have you heard the news (no punn intended)...FLOURISH is on CNN!

About a week ago, I was on, just to do a quick check on the stock market (something I check on once a week or so). I happened to notice an I-report survey asking for stories on how the economy had impacted your family. With my husband and I (as well as my parents) all owning small businesses, we have definitely been impacted. I thought I would just take a few minutes to fill out the survey and the next day...I got a call from CNN. They asked if they could do a phone interview with me for an online article. I said yes, and the rest is history.

Thursday 2/5/09 the article was published on by Stephanie Chen.
Here is a link:

Well, the article was widely read (and commented on, LOL) much so that CNN decided they wanted to also report on our story on Live TV, so tomorrow on Saturday 2/7/09, Stephen and I will be interviewed for a live 4 minute story, right here from South Bend. The spot should air around 10:35 am (ET) or shortly thereafter.

Here's what I would like to say about our story, in my own words, and without the lights and camera....

I know that families, all over the US and of course all over the world make more sacrifices, and live in awful conditions...conditions I could never imagine. I shared our story with CNN and now with you, not to complain, not to say woo is me, and not to compare our situation to others in Amercia...rather I shared the story in hopes to help others, and to add another piece to the puzzle in how the economy is impacting everyone. It seems to me that for months, many people have kept quiet on how their lives have changed....but I wanted to recognize that whats happening is having real effects on us...all of us, in one way or another. We wanted to reach out in a way to other small business owners, to help them know they are not alone. Just today I found out that a local fellow small business owner took his own life, most likely in part due to the hard times his family is facing. This made me so incredibly sad: perhaps if more people opened up about what is happening in their lives right now, this kind of thing would not happen.

I want to help anyone who is hurting know that they are not alone: even if some of us are hurting more than others, it's important to know that we can come together as a family, as friends, as a community, and as a nation: My hope is that we business owners can sacrifice personally to keep our businesses running to still serve the community (even if it means changing how we run our business), and in turn I hope that our customers (those who have maintained their jobs and have the means) will appreciate their favorite shops and stores and continue to support them as best they's so important right now that we lift everyone up, remain positive, shop American, Spend enough but not too much to do our part in the economy, and most of all we need to do the right thing by everyone.

I hope that this all makes sense, and that my story encourages you: maybe you are someone who can help others because your job is very secure....maybe you are a fellow business owner who can help your peers by doing business in trade or brainstorming on ways to come together to help each other, or maybe you are someone who just needs to know that you are not alone in this journey: maybe my story is not the same as yours (maybe it's harder or perhaps easier)...but hopefully you will see that my heart is in the right place: that my goal is to be transparent enough to share my weaknesses, my hopes and dreams, and my thoughts on how we can all pull through these times. I started my store to help women Flourish...and at one level I want to help them Flourish by feeling good and beautiful in a great outfit, but if you read my mission statement it also mentions helping women Flourish in all areas of their lives: that has not changed...I truly want to help women Flourish in all ways: if my story has helped give you hope, or inspired you to make tough decisions to keep your family going and your dream alive, then I have succeeded.
I wish you all much success and sincerely hope that my thoughts here have helped you in some way in your own journey.

May God Bless all of us as we strive to understand what we must do to further His Will during these difficult times, Vanessa


Anonymous said...

Again, I am so proud of you Vanessa. I just wrote an article very similar to this yesterday for Blissfully Domestic. I'm not sure if they'll publish it, but the jist of it was the same as your post.
I think now more than ever we need to admit our weaknesses and reach out for help, but at the same time, give what we can to help others. There is ALWAYS someone else in greater need than us, and we are often the answer to someone elses' prayer when we offer what little we have.
I will be praying for you guys. I think you are awesome!

Mary Catherine Bax said...

I was touched by your story on CNN and that is why I'm writing. Am I correct that your store faces South? If so, take the trees away from the front door, get the color red going and play beautiful piano music in the store. Hope it helps.

ureallyannoyme said...

I would politely disagree, Mary. I kinda like the trees. And red is Michigan State's color, a no-no in Fightin' Irish territory unless you want to start a gang war (on a sliding scale, that is; hahahaha, this is Michiana!).

With the music, is it ok to pipe it in, or could you recommend a pianist who works for commission and tips?

Amy said...

I am proud of you. I worked your dress hard at BlissDom '09, a conference for fabulous women, and I told them about your story as I strutted my stuff in one of your dresses. I shared your web address and I hope things turn around soon. I will always toot your horn- you have a wonderful shop and I am proud of you for your encouragement and bravery!