Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Affordable Denim Lines at Flourish!

We all wear jeans...we need them, we love them, we are always looking for the perfect pair...and when you find them you must jump on them! Well, the same goes for a boutique buyer....we are always on the hunt for the perfect jeans. I found one line/collection at a recent buying show. And then over the holidays I stumbled upon another line at a boutique in the south, where I was boutique researching while there visiting family:)

To me the perfect jeans are the following:
  • They fit great! The most important part by far! Jeans must fit and flatter...this causes many of us to pay a small fortune for pricey designer jeans, in the hopes that Citizens of Humanity, Seven for All Mankind, Hudson, or David Kahn know better how to make our tushes look cute and perky while somehow still making us look and feel skinny....this brings me to my next criteria...
  • to be truly perfect however, I feel that a denim line should NOT have to cost a fortune! Therefore I set out to get the look of a designer pair of jeans for the price of Levis! And I believe I have misssion accomplished...Introducing our two new lines: Divine Rights of Denim and Cello Jeans! Divine Rights of Denim run around $75 and Cello run around $67 for a pair.
  • Lastly, I believe that while basic jeans in dark washes are important and flattering, as a boutique we also need to offer specialty denim...denim with details and nuances that really set our customers apart. Therefore I selected these lines based on some of the details they deliver too...like a pair of Divine Rights that have little zippers at the ankle and a pair of Cello Jeans with artistic pockets and contrast stitching!
Want to know more about each line? Here is a little info! DRD is a line of jeans made at the same factory as other pricier designer lines...call it the Toyota/Lexus situation or whatever you like, but the bottom line is you can save some cash by getting a pair of these jeans made by the same company! Also, this line is partly designed and faced by Audrina from the Hills! Cello Jeans is less well known, but oh so cute! Cello was founded fairly recently but quickly became a leader in affordable, designer looking denim. They also make cute tops and velour tracksuits and things of that nature that you will find soon at Flourish and www.FlourishBoutique.com

Here are some pics...

DRD skinnies with zipper detail!Cello Jeans W/ Contrast Stitching and Detailed Pockets