Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Contemporary Store....

Websters says the word contemporary means, "of the present time;modern".

When I first started my store I had to decide what kind of boutique Flourish was going to be... there was a lot to consider as far as what age and demographic of woman I was appealing to. I decided to be a contemporary store. In the fashion world, this means modern in the sense that it is relevant to what's in style at the moment, but it also defines what type of clothes and accessories we would carry.

Contemporary in terms of fashion is more specific than you may first think. When you go to buying shows there are whole sections labeled by Contemporary, Better, Bridge, Missy, Juniors, etc. As you might guess, junior clothes are on trend but are made for teen bodies. Likewise Missy clothes are made for a mature womans body. Contemporary is essentially somewhere in the middle. It means that the clothes are designed for a woman (not teen) but someone who is very fashion forward. The cuts and lines of these clothes are edgier than missy fashions.

So what does this mean for you, our customer? Basically it means that our clothes will fit most women ages 18 on, but you have to be fashion forward to be drawn to our collections.

Let me give some examples of chain stores to help better explain what stores are what:

Here are some other contemporary stores:
White House Black Market
Banana Republic
Urban Outfitters
Ann Taylor and Loft

Here are some examples of Missy Stores:
Coldwater Creek

Here are some examples of Junior Stores:
Abercrombie and Fitch
Forever 21
Charlotte Russe

So anyway, hopefully that helps explain what type of store FLOURISH is...bottom line is we try and create a shopping experience where you can find fashion forward trends, embellished clothing, jaw dropping jewelry, and gorgeous accessories: and even with defining ourselves as a contemporary store, we have been told we have something for everyone!

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