Monday, August 30, 2010

The Midas Touch...Let Loose and Try It!

Often times when I am helping customers select jewelry at Flourish, they stay clear of yellow gold styles. They say to me, "Oh no, I just wear silver". While I love and respect all my customers, I have to say I am always a little sad to hear that. It is kind of like hearing "Oh no I ONLY listen to pop music"...what about jazz, classical, rap, country, rock n roll, indie, and more? I have always enjoyed sampling a variety of music, and in fashion too: I like to experiment....all while being true to myself of course...but still trying new things! In the same way that when I get all dressed up and go into a jazz bar on a Friday night, I enjoy the atmosphere and music, even though that's not what I would listen to on my own in my car driving around town....similarly, it's ok for the right outfit and moment to break out of the box and try other jewelry metals and stones.

The choices right now are practically endless too! Designers are using fabric, acrylic, lucite, silver, platinum, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, copper, brass, bronze, nickel and more! You can't go wrong right now as far as experimenting with a jewelry material: making it RIGHT is all about pairing it with the right things instead! For example....yellow gold looks fantastic juxtaposed against black, dark brown, and navy....but not so great with gray. Rose gold looks tunning though with pink, cream, yellow, peach, light blue, etc. Silver looks great with light blue, black, gray, and white. Bottom line: it's all about trying, sampling, mixing, and testing.

We have so, so much great jewelry in at Flourish right now...stop in and let us play a little dress up with you: you'll quickly see how many options there are and see how different and fun the new style of jewelry is that is out there right now!

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