Monday, April 16, 2012

I've Got a Sweet Tooth.... for Arm Candy!

If you have been spending any time lately on (which I lovingly call the rabbit hole as I tend to fall in for hours at a time), you will have most likely noticed by now that stacked bangles, bracelets, and watches are trending big time! I, myself, have been pinning them like mad!

At first I thought this trend was a little too youthful or grunge for my taste, but after seeing other fashionistas stacking up diamond bangles, rolex watches, and other beautiful pieces I realized that it's all in what you stack, so to speak:) This inspired me to bring in some beautiful pieces at so that all of you can play with the trend. Of course our bracelets and wrap pieces all have a Flourish twist on know...sparkly, leopard, pink, etc!

So, you might be wondering how to master this new look...I have put together a collage from my favorite examples on pinterest (*all images in collage courtesy of pinterest). Check out some of my favorites:

And, then of course your next question is...and where can I collect these? Check out our fun styles here at Flourish: and check out a preview from our in store display featuring the arm candy trend!

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