Friday, January 11, 2013

The Perfect Legging: With A Chance To Win 3 Pairs!

Right now, we have one special product, that all of our customers are raving about!  And, honestly, people will come through the doors at the store right now and start off just saying "I heard about..." or "Where are the..." and we already know they are about to ask for our fleece lined leggings!!

These warm and cozy leggings, which we call "The Perfect Legging" come in black, brown, grey, and now mocha!  (*mocha is available in store or by phone at 574-277-7465 and will be online as well soon).  They are just $16 and can be found or purchased on our website here:




So what makes them especially great, you ask?
  • they are fleece lined, so they are soft and comfortable...making you feel cozy!
  • being slightly thicker, they add extra warmth on cold days...making you feel warm!
  • due to the lining, they are truly opaque, and will not be see through...making you feel modest and covered even if you are wearing a shorter tunic with them!
  • they are long, so that they go all the way down in your boots, making you feel warm and covered!
  • they come in four great colors...making you feel like you have options no matter what you want to wear!
  • And they are a great price: $16 in store or with free shipping...making you feel like you got a great deal for your new fave product!
And, now for a limited time: you have a chance to win THREE PAIRS OF THEM AT ONCE for FREE!
Click this link to, share this on facebook, and you will automatically be entered to win.  Winner picked at random on Jan. 31, 2013!  

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