Thursday, April 18, 2013

Have Fun Dressing Your Bump!

Baby bumps are popping up all around! Why should a mommy-to-be have to sacrifice her wardrobe during such a fun and exciting time! No longer are the days of spending extra of your hard earned money towards clothes only to be worn for a few months. There are lots of celebrities moms-to-be looking cute, so why shouldn't all moms!

Jessica Simpson is rocking a long tank and pink blazer and Jenna Dewan-Tatum is looking lovely in her maxi dress and denim jacket.

The secret to dressing your bump without breaking the bank, includes purchasing clothes that can be worn even after the baby is born. There are countless non-maternity options that can fit and style any pregnant belly. That way, once the baby is here, you can continue to wear those cute clothes whenever you'd like.

Tops which aren't snug around the midsection are great options for a growing belly. Or you can throw on your favorite stretchy cami and finish the look off with a free flowing blazer. Long tunics and leggings are another great option which can grow with you. Here are some of our favorites!

Short flowing dresses and maxi dresses are another perfect choice, especially for summer, that will help you stay cool and comfortable all day.

Dressing your bump should be easy and fun. So get creative with your wardrobe and splurge on a few new fashionable and post-baby worthy outfits!

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