Tuesday, April 30, 2013

These are 'Not Your Daughters Jeans'

Typically, shopping for jeans isn't a woman's most favorite activity. And that is the exact experience that caused Lisa Rudes Sandels to start her own business. Lisa, along with her sister Leslie and her father George, pooled together their resources and bought the Tummy Tuck jean line. Leslie's desire was to create a brand of jeans that were made to fit a woman in all the right places. So in April 2005, Not Your Daughters Jeans (NYDJ) was born.

The jean's company grew after it was featured as a product on Oprah's Favorite Things. Since then, NYDJ's has been helping women find jeans which fit well and make them feel good. Although the brand was originally made for a more mature audience, they carry many cuts and style options to fit ladies of all ages, including leggings and skirts.

Best in Class Leggings
Perfect Wash Skinny Jeans

If your looking for the perfect jeans, than look no further. Check out the rest of the NYDJ collection on our website and then try on a pair.

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