Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer Trends-- Is your closet ready?

We are just 11 days away from Memorial Day-- which in our book, marks the beginning of summer! Everyone is ready for sunny weather, grilling out and Saturdays by the pool. But is your closet ready? If no, don't worry, we're prepared to fill you in on five of the big trends you'll see this summer! 

1. Cut Off Shorts -- Yep, they're coming back, which is awesome. How great is it that you can take all your old jeans, cut them off into shorts and be in trend. Great, huh! But if you're not into a DIY style, that's ok too. There are plenty of flattering and fashion friendly styles in stock,

2. Chevron Dresses -- Your not really surprised are you? Chevron has been in trend for awhile but this summer you'll see it come out full force in dresses-- sun dresses, maxis-- you name it and it'll be chevron. But let's be honest, these dresses are just too cute!

3. Statement Necklaces -- Big and bold! That's the jewelry that will be worn this summer. Bright colors along with big statement necklaces will be the centerpiece of most outfits. Jewels, colored stones and bead bibs necklaces will certainly take center stage.

4. White -- Clean, classic and chic! There will be lots of white popping out, which is especially good for days in the sun. White on white combinations are extra chic and definitely adorable. So load up on the white, while you can. Just be careful to carry extra napkins at the picnic, so your adorable white pants don't become polka-dotted!

5. Gold Jewelry -- It went into hiding for a little while, but gold jewelry is coming back out. You will see gold adornments on clothing, and necklaces and bangles...the list goes on! It is no longer "your mothers color," soon you'll be asking her to borrow some of favorite gold pieces!

2. Join the Crew Necklace in Gold

Happy Summer Styling!



Lauren Rose said...

So funny, my five year old daughter just bought me a giant gold necklace for mother's day! She's trendy already!

Flourish Boutique & Gallery said...

Lauren- She is fashion savy! Such a great daughter :) Hope you enjoy the necklace!