Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Five of our Fave Ways to Wear Chevron Dresses!

Here at Flourish Boutique we are WELL aware of the importance of Chevron this summer, and we want you to be FULLY prepared. To help you master this trend we have put together a blog post completely dedicated to the different styles of Chevron Dresses we recommend trying. Don't worry- there are PLENTY so we're positive you will find the perfect one for  you :)

Way #1: Maxis

Another major trend of the summer is maxi dresses, so combining the two just feels natural. Whether you want a little bit of chevron or a lot of it, these dresses can check two trends off of your summer shopping list. Paired with heels or flats, statement jewelry, or a fun bag, these dresses are as versatile as they are comfortable. Wear them to your next girls night and you are sure to receive a LOT of "oohs" and "aahs" from your best gals!

Top Left: Mint Mantra Maxi
Bottom Left: Walk This Way Maxi in Coral, Mint, and Lilac

Way #2: Straight Up.

These dresses don't play games. They are all Chevron, all the time. The best things about them? The sleeves make them absolutely perfect for places like the office, where you should be a little more conservative and professional. Also, they make your life easier! They are grab-and-go: one piece to an entire outfit, and boom! your morning routine is 10 minutes shorter.  Add some statement jewelry to spice up your day or leave them alone to let the dresses speak for themselves. 

Bottom Left: Cheeky Chevron Dress
Middle Left: Citrus Chevron Dress

Way #3: Asymmetrical Chevron

Not all Chevrons are made alike, and these sleeve and skirt options will be sure to peak your interest. If you like to switch up your looks, these dresses are perfect for you! Whether you choose the one shoulder, no shoulder, or vertical options, you'll show everyone how fashion forward you really are!

Bottom Right: Hey Shortie Dress (In Store Only)
Bottom Far Right: Shoulder Into Chevron Dress
Way #4: Chevron PLUS!

Don't want "just" a Chevron Dress? Add some more to it! Two of our favorite Chevrons have bows in the back for an extra girly feel. Perfect for the flirty look you wanted for your next date out with that special someone. Want to go edgy instead? This Chevron Dress mixes two Chevron patterns AND has a cut-out in the back.

Left: Missoni Mission Dress (In Store Only)
Top Right: Let Loose Chevron Dress (In Store Only)

Last but not Least, #5: The "T's"- Tanks and Two Tones

One of our favorite Chevron dresses comes in tank form (and two colors!). This "Chevron Summer Dress" comes in Coral and Mint and can easily be dressed up with belts and statement jewelry. 

Don't want a dress that's entirely Chevron? Get one that is only half Chevron! Whether you like the top half or bottom half in Chevron, these two dresses give you the simplicity of a one-piece outfit, but the diversity of two. 

With this many Chevron options, you'll surely be able to find one that fits your exact style. And with Chevron being such a hit this summer you won't want to miss out on this fun fashion trend!

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