Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fashion & Interior Design Inspiration

Have you ever noticed how trends tend to follow one another around? Take a look around at what is popular in design and you will likely notice how it trickles into multiple areas. One area where this is often very relevant is in fashion and home decor. The relationship between these two design avenues generally leads to them mimicking one another. Let's face it, if you are willing to wear a certain style on your body, you are most likely going to enjoy seeing it around your home. We've taken a look at three current trends and compared how they influence one another in the design world.

The first trend is one you have probably seen all over: chevron. This pattern really took off in the fashion world and has been a big influence in the recent spring and summer styles. Once the pattern caught on in all throughout fashion, it hit the world of home interior. Chevron is nothing new-- it has been around for quite some time. However, here are some new places you may see chevron around the home!


Unless you live on the coast, nautical design isn't as prevalent as other styles, especially here in the Midwest. However, every now and then it makes its way into the trendy category, which is where it currently exists. Nautical design is full of stripes, navy, red, white and gold. All of these can be seen as a strong trend in the fashion and interior design realms right now. Again, it is a classic, so most people tend to enjoy it.



This last one is my personal favorite. I have a big love for stripes and I know I am not the only one. Stripes are very trendy in fashion this summer. Ranging from vertical, horizontal to mismatched patterns, stripes can been seen in all sizes and colors. This is another great classic look which is sneaking into a more vital role in interior design. The great things about stripes is that you can go from dramatic to subtle with the size of the stripe. Thick, contrasting colors make a bit statement, while thin lines are less noticeable.



If you're not one to take big design risks with either your wardrobe or home, give one of these three looks a try. Not only are they right on trend, they're classic enough that you will enjoy them for more than one season. Next time you're out shopping, take a look around and you will see how these two facets have a big influence on one another. Happy Styling!

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