Thursday, July 18, 2013

Heat Wave!

We are having a heat wave, folks, and the temperatures are not coming down anytime soon. When it gets hot like this we are all tempted to spend the day in a bathing suit in front of a fan, but sometimes we have to go out into the sweltering world. Here are some tips on how to stay cool even though it seems almost impossible.

Keep it flowing, friends! Dresses and skirts are GREAT for hot temperatures because they allow your legs to feel the breeze. Look for things in your closet that won't be too form fitting, either. If the fabric is really tight,  you won't be getting any air flow, and you will just hold all of that heat in there. Things like strapless dresses and dresses with cut-outs are especially helpful. Try something like these:

Top Right: Baby Leopard Dress
Top Left: Lattice Work Dress   

Shorts are another friend of ours on hot days. They're a more casual look, and also give our legs plenty of air! Watch out for some interesting tan lines, though!

Last but not least: colors. Beware of what colors you wear because you will probably be sweating glowing in this heat. Colors like gray, teal, pink (a lot of our favorites) will show wet spots very clearly. Also navy blues and blacks won't show sweat, but will attract the sun and make you even warmer. White is your safest bet, but you can also get away with a lot of pastels and patterns.

Top Right: Anchors Away Top
Bottom Right: She Likes to Embellish Top

 Whatever you wear, try to stay cool out there! Drink lots of water and take it easy!

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