Friday, July 26, 2013

WTFGAW - XOXO Betsey Johnson

What The Flourish Girls Are Watching

Betsey Johnson is not a new name in the fashion industry. She has been designing clothing for nearly 45 years. She got her foot in the door by winning a guest editor contest at Mademoiselle magazine after college. From that point on, she continued to design clothes and opened stores throughout the world. Betsey is known for her eclectic, spunky, bold but girly style. Many of her designs can be considered over the top and very unique. However, her style has allowed for a successful career in the fashion industry.

Sadly, Betsey Johnson's company filed for bankruptcy last April. This has lead to a complete brand relaunch where she is now part of the Steve Madden family. As part of her relaunch, Betsey and her daughter, Lulu, started filming a reality show called XOXO Betsey Johnson. This allows Betsey fans to get a unique inside look into her energetic and unique lifestyle.


Here are Flourish, we like this show for a couple of reasons. The most obvious reason is because it is centered around a designer, and it is fun to see the inner workings of that life. Secondly, Betsey is just an interesting person. She just celebrated her 70th birthday! Can you believe it? She is 70 years old and has the energy and spunk of a 20 year old.

The show centers primarily around Betsey, her daughter, Lulu, and their interesting mother-daughter and business partner relationship. The two are very close, but definitely have some clashing of personalities from time to time. Lulu is also a designer and is working to launch her own line of products. The mother-daughter pair spend most of their time together, in so much, as they even attend couples therapy to help with some of their "issues".

Betsey definitely has a unique zest for life and is always coming up with interesting ideas. Where as, they typically take at least one trip per episode. Their most recent venture was to Tokyo to gain some inspiration for Betsey's next collection.

Although she can be all over the place, Betsey is definitely a hard worker. She's devoted her life to her brand and does everything in her power to continue to make it the best it can possibly be. She is a strong representation of how working hard can pay off, which is another reason we like her so much. 


You can watch Betsey and Lulu on the Style Network on Thursdays evenings. You might love her or you might not, but you won't know until you watch.


Oh, and I hope that at 70 I can still do the splits.

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