Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Brand Profile: Miss Me Jeans

The Miss Me brand launched its first line in the spring of 2001, with its sole purpose to help dress the no longer ordinary every day girl, but a girl who is multidimensional in character and style. This All-American fashion brand has since developed into three areas: Miss Me, MM Couture and Miss Me Girls. While all three branches of the brand are successful, the most recognized feature of the brand is their denim.

Miss Me Jeans are typically recognizable without seeing a logo. These jeans have embellished styles which are inspired by both western and rock themes. Made strictly with high attention to detail and quality materials, these jeans are much loved by those who wear them. Once you've seen a pair, it is easy to understand why they have such a strong following. These jeans can transition from day to night without much effort.

Here are Flourish, we love Miss Me jeans! The designs are so trendy and the quality is great. The brand is always innovative with the designs and delivering new styles. If you like to stand out, then these are the jeans for you. Once you try them on you won't want to take them off. We promise! Here are some of our favorites from their fall line!

A Stitch In Time Skinny Jeans

Bling Bling Skinny Jeans

French Cross Bootcut Jeans

What A Stitch Bootcut Jeans

Touch of Tribal Jeans

Spot on Skinny Jeans

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