Thursday, September 12, 2013

Football is NOT Just for the Boys!

It's football season, ladies, and we have some awesome styles for you! Since we are located in Notre Dame Country, this post is going to revolve around that, but you can copy some of these ideas with other items in our store (details at bottom)! The trend of dressing up for games started in the south with schools like Alabama and Ole Miss, but it's quickly coming up here! These are just a few ways you can style your game day attire from Flourish!

If boring old t-shirts and jerseys are not your thing, you're in luck! We have some great ideas for you Irish fans on how to look adorable on game day and still support your team. Just dress in their colors! We have a lot of blue, gold, and green here- mix and match for some great looks. And don't be afraid to wear dresses to games! You are going to see a lot of people after all :)

 Tops: We're lucky one of ND's colors is navy because it's so easy to style! Add lots of fun accessories to these tops to fit your game day look to your personality!

Dresses: Don't be afraid to dress up to tailgate! Here are some blue and gold dresses that are great for ND. (Stay tuned- we have some great green ones coming in too!) 

Accessories: Accessories are another cute way to show your support! Whether it's a scarf or a statement necklace you can mix and match to perfect your look! 

Fun Jeans: Games are supposed to be fun after all! What a great excuse to wear colored or patterned denim like these:

Last things: If your team is not ND (that's ok, we can still swap fashion tips!) you can go to our website. In the top left corner is a search bar- just type in the color(s) for your team and it will search all of our items and their descriptions to find what you're looking for!

Whether you're tailgating at the game or at a friend's house- don't be afraid to dress it up and switch it up with some great options. Find these and all of our items at AND like us on Facebook for all of the insider information on contests, events, and sales!

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