Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Get to Know Our New Intern Audrey!

Q: What fashion trends and tastes would you say are unique to the fashionistas of Saint Mary's College?

A: I believe fall is a great season for the belles of Saint Mary's to dress up before the long, cold South Bend winter. Many girls will wear big, comfy sweaters with black leggings and tall leather boots. With Notre Dame across the street, many students will rock a Notre Dame quarter zip pullover or a rugby shirt. Many students also will wear accessories by Michael Kors, Longchamp, Vera Bradley, and especially Tory Burch (because the logo looks similar to Saint Mary's French cross!). As an all women's college, many Saint Mary's students do not tend to dress up everyday, but would rather opt for cute workout clothes from Lululemon paired with neon Nike running shoes.

Q:What's one trend you'll always rock and what's a trend you wish would go away forever?

One trend I will always be obsessed with is the addition of scarves to any outfit. Scarves are the perfect accessory to complete a look! I love how a scarf can instantly complete an outfit, whether this means to dress up or dress down the outfit. That being said, scarves are so versatile in fabric, pattern, and color that they can be essentially worn all year long! I love pairing dresses with scarves in the summertime. I also am obsessed with Maxi dresses. I believe Maxi dresses are flattering on everyone and every body type! Again, these dresses can even be worn into late fall when paired with a cute denim jacket or blazer. One trend I wish would go away forever is the wedged sneaker trend. I do not like the style of sneakers in that way and sometimes they become overly decorated. 

Q: Who is your style icon and why?
I've always admired Lauren Conrad's style from her everyday look to her evening looks as well. I loved watching her define her style over the years from Laguna Beach to today where she works for her own label. I think she cleverly pairs relaxed, yet fashion forward looks with a few designer pieces. I feel like Lauren Conrad's style is very relatable. I even got to meet Lauren Conrad's best friend, Lo Bosworth, in New York last April! Blake Lively is also one of my style icons. Besides being drop dead gorgeous, I love how she accessorizes with large statement necklaces, scarves, and large designer bags. I also admire Blake's confidence, a perfect accessory in my book! I am a huge Gossip Girl fan!


Q: Describe your personal style or aesthetic in three words:
Chic, trendy, ever-changing

Q: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Mint Chocolate Chip!

Q: Why did you want to intern for Flourish Boutique?
I wanted to intern for Flourish Boutique because I have always been interested in fashion! I found that working at such a cute and fashion forward boutique would be such a great opportunity to begin a career with fashion marketing while still being enrolled as a student. Flourish is a great boutique offering adorable and fashion-forward pieces! I'm excited for the opportunity to work photo-shoots and style outfits. This internship is very hands on which I love! I'm also looking forward to learning more about the business side of fashion. 

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