Monday, November 11, 2013

Flourish Boutique Designer Spotlight: A'reve Clothing

Being a women's fashion boutique, Flourish is proud to carry a wide variety of contemporary designers.  From premium denim to even local artisans, I am always on the hunt for unique and distinctive designers.  I'll never forget the day I discovered the brand RYU and it's sister line A'reve.  I knew instantly that these two lines had to be a part of our Flourish line up.  Today, I want to tell you a little bit more above A'reve and why it is such a vital part of our look at Flourish.

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A'reve clothing is best described as feminine and unique but still affordable and stylish.  While you can find sweaters with lace and ruffles as shown above, they are still expertly designed so you can wear them back to skinny jeans and boots.  Nothing is overly feminine or overtly old fashioned.  Instead, A'reve takes the best of vintage fashion and mixes those details onto modern silhouettes and styles.

Here is how A'reve describes their aesthetic and customer:
The A’reve girl enjoys wearing casual and comfortable clothes accented by delicate fabrics and exquisite details inspired by cultural diversity, both modern and timeless in its appeal. A’reve girl loves to mix and match divergent styles that can fulfills her sensuous originality with the celebration of creativity. A’reve creates a lyrical introspective mood with delicate silhouettes expressing natural and unique spirit for her.

Other new arrivals at Flourish from this special line include:

Sugar & Spice Skirt, $89.50
Weave Your Way Into My Heart Tunic, $89.50
You Warm My Heart Sweater, $69.50

Earth and Sky Sweater, $79.50

Check out our selection of A'reve clothes now and keep your eye out for new A'reve styles coming soon to Flourish!

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