Tuesday, November 26, 2013

$15 Steals and Sales and Mimosas, OH MY!

Here at Flourish, we are getting ready for everything holidays including Black Friday! Now, before you close this screen because I even mentioned Black Friday, we will explain to you why we love this shopping day, and why you'll be asking yourself why you ever shopped anywhere else! Just like we pride ourselves on creating an entirely different atmosphere every other day of the year, you will find that being here on the craziest shopping day of the year will be a breath of fresh air! 

First off, our entire store will be 30% off! This is not just on Black Friday, either! Shop 30% off in our store all weekend! That includes our online store, and clearance! We have so many great items right now that will be an absolute STEAL come Friday! If you are looking for a cute dress that you'll be reaching in your closet for years to come, then you'll love it even more 30% off! All of these options are just $48.65 after the discount! 

Looking for an easy and cute item to throw on over leggings and boots? Tunics are such a great  addition to your closet when you are needing a convenient outfit that is also super cute! All of these three tunics are going to be on sale for $34.65 after our discount! 

Really though, can a girl EVER have too many scarves? We didn't think so either. Our scarves here at Flourish are unique and just so versatile, you can wear them with anything! You can get any of these three scarves at an ahhmazing price of just $15.75 on Friday! I'll take all three! 

On top of our 30% off store wide, we will be releasing a special line of items that will be just $15.00! There will be a number of these in the store during the day. If you aren't local, no worries! Throughout the day we will be releasing $15.00 specials online, so while struggling through that food coma, you can do a little retail therapy from the comfort of your couch! The items below are just a few of our online specials that you will want to snatch right up!

Shopping at Flourish is not only a fantastic idea for your closet, it also helps a local business continue to succeed in this chain-store dominant economy. You are not only helping Flourish Boutique quite literally flourish, but you are also helping local artists! Did you know that quite a few of our items here are locally made? Some of our scarves, hats, and dresses are all handmade by talented individuals right here in South Bend. Here are a few of the local artist's work that we are blessed with:

Cut Crystal Necklace
Our Lady Bow Hat
Our Lady Infinity Scarf

Not only are you helping local artists by shopping with small businesses, but you are also helping give back to your community as well. You've heard that shopping local puts money back into the community, but do you know how? Because Small Businesses still have to pay taxes, that money is specifically going back into the community, including financing roads, public schools, and parks. These tax dollars also go towards funding additional public service workers such as police officers and firefighters. See? Shopping local really has some amazing benefits. Not to mention, the type and quality of clothing that you are receiving when you shop at Flourish is unique to this area. You know you will stand out when you are dressed in Flourish! Be here at 8am for Mimosas and stress-free shopping!

So, long story short, SEE YOU THIS WEEKEND!

Happy Thanksgiving :)

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