Monday, January 20, 2014

Wear Spring colors NOW!

It's that time of year where you don't need to be buying the winter wardrobe any longer and it is just TOO COLD to be considering sun dresses. So, what to do? Well, firstly, this is also the time of year where you are going to find some amazing sales on the winter styles that will still be oh so cute next year. So, clear your schedule and mark your calendars for Flourish Boutique's Overstock Sale that is just a week and a half away! 
Overstock Sale granger Indiana HUGE markdowns

Secondly, you should be looking for next seasons colors and how you can dress them NOW. Versatility, versatility, we looove versatility. So, how do we pick out some of next seasons hot colors and looks and wear them now in these frigid temperatures? 

Throw a cardigan over it!

One of the simplest ways to take a style that might not be in season and make it work is layering. Cardigans are made to keep you a little warmer while still showing off your tank underneath! The Damask print is one of our all time best selling designs, and now we have it in tank! This tank top just screams that it wants you to wear it to a summer concert in July. So, we buy it now and throw a cardigan over top to get a little more use out of it, and to show off your great style a season early :)

                                        how to wear a cardigan

Delight in Damask Tank
Knitted in Love Cardigan

Depending on the fabric, we can even wear cardigans during the Spring. We have some gracing us with their presence currently that might be a tad chilly to wear right now, but light and refreshing to wear on those spring days that get a little warmer than you are anticipating. This sheer cardigan can be great to wear now with a long sleeve shirt underneath, and later with a coral or pastel color tank top come spring time! The floral design give this kimono its own "Spring" feel!

how to wear a kimono
Blooms by Design Kimono

Fleece lined leggings!
 Mint is a color that is going to be hot, hot, hot this Spring season and we are not upset about that! So many mint dresses, so little time. But how can we wear this gorgeous color now without freezing our legs off? Fleece lined leggings, of course! We will wear them until you tell us to take them off! These leggings are SO comfortable and warm, which is exactly what we need right now. If you are obsessed with the mint dresses we have at Flourish currently and want to grab them before they are gone, then fleece lined leggings are your new best friend. Pair them with boots, and you have a look that you can wear today AND in a few months! Then, come April, take off those leggings and wear them with some cute cowboy boots to a spring wedding or out to brunch with your honey!

How to style leggings with a dress
The Perfect Legging in Black
Jewel of my Eye Dress
Mint Chic Dress

P.S. I Love ScarvesBy now we all know how crucial scarves are to our winter wardrobe if you live anywhere in the midwest. Scratch that...everyone was hit by the polar vortex this year, so scarves for everyone! There are so many cute outfits and tops you want to wear now, but it just needs a little extra something. Scarves are that thing you are looking for to cover up your neck and keep you a little warmer, while still wearing Spring colors!

How to wear a scarf
Cross my Path Scarf
Simple & Chic Scarf in Mint
Hear my Roar Scarf II

Three simple ways to make a Spring outfit a Mid-Winter "you're almost there keep pushing until Spring" outfit! And again, do NOT forget about our Overstock sale! 60-90% off? Yes please! Take a look at what we have on our website now to prepare yourself for all of the amazing savings! 

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