Saturday, May 3, 2014

You Asked...Flourish Answered...More Curvy Options Available NOW!

Curvy Fashionistas REJOICE!

Flourish is SO excited to announce that we are starting to carry more CURVY options in-store and online! 

Meet Myndy, our beautiful new curvy model! 

Here are some our curvy options here at Flourish! 
Flourish has some ADORABLE new tops that would look great with your favorite denim! Throw a cardigan or a scarf over any of these tops and you are ready to go! 

Not only do we have some casual tops, but we also carry some gorgeous dresses! These are ALL great options for date night, a evening with friends or any special event you have planned!! Grab some cute wedges and you are ready for fun!

We post new arrivals DAILY! Make sure to check out all of our curvy options at:


pennlbb said...

YAS to all sorts of bodies looking cute this summer! These options are adorable!! Shoutout to Erica Ligenza for sending me to this blog though!

Emma Tilton said...

I am loving the "Gotta Get It Cardigan"!

♥Emma, from It's Emma Elise

PS - Erica, from Coming Up Roses, sent me!

Lauren Holgate said...

Found you via Erica's giveaway and stopped by to tell you my favorite item in your shop ... and then I got stuck in your shop trying to pick one!! I do love the chevron maxi dresses. You have some great stuff!

- Lauren

ThatCollegeGirl said...

I'm loving all your clothes! So cute!

xo, TCG
That College Girl's Guide

Jasmine Brice said...

Love everything you have, especially your maxi dresses! Erica Ligenza sent me this way to your blog!!