Monday, June 2, 2014

As Pretty As A Picture: Our New Natural Photography!

Over the past few months, Flourish has seen some pretty significant changes! We're moved locations, doubled our inventory, and now we've even switched up our style of photography! Switching from our previous white backdrop to outdoor and indoor natural locations, we couldn't be more excited to discuss our change in image. 

It wouldn't have been possible without our fabulous in-house photographer Meagan Gilbert, who has jumped from location to location taking amazing pictures of all of our new items each week! To check out more of her work, you can find check out her Facebook page, Meagan Gilbert Photography. With an eye for style, Meagan has played a key role in creating a new, natural look for Flourish's website!

Besides simply saying "yes!" to change, there are a number of different reasons for our photography transformation.

1) To be realistic and relatable

By moving away from our traditional white background, we have the opportunity to showcase our clothing in homes, outside on yards, or even on college campuses! We want the women wearing our clothing to know exactly how it will look in an everyday place. It's far easier to picture the outfit on yourself! We hope that this switch helps you, our customers, to better relate to the clothing and hopefully give you some styling ideas at the same time!

2) To celebrate the sunshine

(Above: Summer Girl Romper

Considering the especially long winter we experienced, we couldn't be happier that the sun has finally come out for a change! Natural sunlight makes for the most beautiful pictures, and we wanted to share the fun and sun with you all! There is no better way to celebrate the spring, summer, and warm weather we have been waiting for than by spending as much time outside as possible. 

3) To help create the story

Most importantly, we truly do care about your clothing's story! It is important to us that you are not merely purchasing a product, but rather creating an experience with that product. By photographing outside and in new locations, we hope to share some ideas of places to wear our pieces, outfits to create, and new ideas for styling! Think of your favorite fashion bloggers and they way they showcase their outfits. This is our goal as well!

Check our our website for more great images by Meagan Gilbert Photography and more new arrivals!

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