Friday, July 18, 2014

New at Flourish: Text Alerts!

Flourish Text Alerts NOW available!

We have officially launched Flourish text ALERTS! YAY! Flourish would loooooove to give our customers first notice to sales, specials and events! 

We have two options for our mobile users. There is FLOURISH and FLOURISH2. Please read below to learn the difference between the two and if you qualify as FLOURISH or FLOURISH2 :)

Text FLOURISH to 46789
This option is for basically anyone. When you subscribe to FLOURISH, you will be the first to know about our weekly sales. This option is ideal for our out of state customer because we give you the code to use online in the alert! It is perfect for local customers as well because you will be alerted when the sale starts and you can give us a visit at your best convenience! 

Text FLOURISH2 to 46786 
This option is great for local customers. When you text FLOURISH2 you are subscribing to receive text alerts about our fashion shows, overstock sales, and other in-store events. When you subscribe you are considered a "VIP" which means you get to hear about our in-store sales BEFORE they go public! Awesome right?!  

If you want to be the first to know about basically everything, we recommend subscribing to BOTH! 

If you have any questions please email or visit us in-store :)  

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