Thursday, August 28, 2014

Emmys 2014 Fashion + Fall Trends

One of our faaaavorite awards show was on this past Monday night!! We just LOVE the Emmys...especially watching the celebrities walk the red carpet in their gorgeous award show attire. Everyone looked amazing. We couldn't help ourselves but notice some fashion trends that Flourish has also picked up on this season! 

Mara Hoffman Inspired + Slits 
Our current fashion inspiration for the fall is designer, Mara Hoffman. Mara's designs are so different than what we usually see. Each have their own unique touch that set them apart from other pieces . Our Mara Hoffman inspired dress (middle) has a similar top to Colin Hanks wife, Samantha Bryant. Our dress also features two slits down the front of the dress. And we love how gorgeous Halle Berry looks in her dress with some similar slits! Slits elongate the wearer and add a little sexiness to the look!

 Open Back + Lace
Alright...we admit it..lace is our favorite. It is so classy and looks beautiful on everyone! When it is paired with an open back, well, we are in HEAVEN. Open backs have been coming back into style this summer season...but just because it is getting cooler outside doesn't mean it is leaving! Claire Danes showed off her curves and figure with a gorgeous red and lace dress! Our Wake Up The Echoes dress represents both of these trends well. Even though the back isn't entirely lacey, it feature lace on the straps and we must's gorgeous! 

Peplum + Mustard
These two trends are definitely hard to jump on. Peplum is a very flattering style and mustard is a color that takes some getting used to. Peplum is a style you need to try out and see if it is something you like. Our peplum dress features a looser peplum look rather than a stiffer one. It hangs rather than poofs out. We prefer the looser style! Kate Walsh from Greys Anatomy, pulls off both the mustard and peplum look off beautifully. It is a trend you should try this season! You will be surprised by how much you love it! 

Ivory + Maxi Dresses
Another popular look we saw on Monday night was the color white/ivory! The long and flowy look is very popular right now. It adds a classy look to the dress! We love how our maxi can be transformed from a summer piece immediately to a fall piece when you add a denim jacket or cardigan!  

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