Wednesday, November 5, 2014

#WCW: Our Model Taylor!

Our Woman Crush Wednesday this week is one of our favorite smick chick's (but not our ONLY favorite smick) around, Taylor! She is a current Junior at Saint Mary's College and is in the midst of soaking up college life. We get to steal her away every week during model shoots and have such a blast! 

Basket Case Infinity Scarf in Teal
Taylor describes her style as being Trendy, Fun, and Feminine and we couldn't agree more. Though it can be pretty easy to not dress up during the middle of the week when you go to an all-girls school, Taylor ALWAYS shows up to shoots in the cutest styled outfits. Luckily her style is also mirrored in the items we pair her in!

Visions of Beauty Dress
Fun fact: One of Taylor's favorite accessories is the Pink Pepper Spray (has to be pink to stay on trend!) she carries in her purse at all times. Smart girl!

Warm & Fuzzy Sweater
When we asked Taylor what her favorite part about modeling for Flourish was, she said, "The best part about modeling at Flourish is that I get to hang out with some incredible people for a couple hours a week and basically play dress up! I love getting to try on and pose in a bunch of different outfits! Plus, it allows me to escape from my hectic life for a couple hours and just have fun!"

Wednesday shoots wouldn't be the same without you, Taylor!

Fire & Water Tribal Cardigan

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