Friday, March 20, 2015

Fashion Trend: Little Black Dress

Nothing is more timeless and stylish than the famous LBD (little black dress).  Ever since Aubrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel made it THE dress to own and wear, women have been turning to the LBD over and over again.  In fact, little black dresses are perfect for: weddings, parties, going out with friends, or other special events.  At Flourish Boutique, we always have a handful of LBD's in stock, and we always try to make each one unique and special -- think touches of crochet, lace, beading, or tulle.  Plus, we know when you are searching for little black dresses, it can be pricey; but at Flourish, we have some very affordable options!  Whether you are looking for a classy selection or perhaps an edgy dress instead, LBD dresses are ideal and also very versatile choices for all four seasons.  Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of spring?!  Since Indiana has been freezing, we are finally ready for some warmer weather! As we all love wearing black dresses all year round, we suggest just adding some bright colorful jewelry or shoes, for a pop of color for spring! 

This crochet LBD is gorgeous! You will have unlimited style and options when you've got this little black dress in your closet! The crochet pattern is a subtle way to add some floral to your outfit! This dress is a great choice for date night or a special evening out.  We styled this with a chunky necklace, to give it more of an edgy glamour look and added these black studded heels.  To give the outfit that SPRING pop of color, we accessorized with a gorgeous pastel blue purse!  
You need this versatile and stylish LBD in your closet!


This next look has classy written all over it!  If you are looking for a chic flowy dress, than this one is perfect!  This simple little black dress is a perfect choice a date night or any special event.  If you are looking for a more modest look, you can pair our black bralet underneath.  You would never even know this dress and the bralet are two pieces, but they are!   Our lace bralets are perfect for layering and can be used to make low cut dresses more modest.  To complete this look, we styled this dress with a bright bold necklace for a pop of color.  We also paired it with our favorite studded shoes! 


How glamourous is this next dress?!  We, Flourish Girls, are obsessed with this ballerina inspired LBD! We paired this dress with these fun floral tights (bonus: they are by SPANX, which give them that great trimming and secure feeling) and they give the overall look an edgy vibe!  If you're looking for a more traditional look, you could pair this dress simply with bare legs and some cute heels! Either way, put on your favorite pair of heels and dance the night away in this little black dress! The tulle full skirt will have you twirling at every chance you get.  This girly dress is perfect for a dance or special occasion!  We styled this outfit with turquoise heels and a statement necklace in the same color, which are both definitely great options to add the pop of color that will make your LBD stand out! 


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