Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring footwear trend: Wedges

As warmer weather slowly takes over (thank goodness!), you may start to think about what kind of spring and summer shoes you own and will need to purchase.  Sandals are wonderfully comfortable, and heels look amazing: but one style of spring footwear reigns supreme this year and that is WEDGES!  Wedges are a perfect transitional style to take you from winter to spring! Surprisingly comfortable, wedges can be both stylish and practical for work, especially if you are going to be on your feet all day! Another selling point for wedges: you can style wedges with almost anything: from dresses, to jeans, to shorts, or even to skirts! {so versatile!} At Flourish, we have some very affordable wedges that are just what you have been looking for!  Besides, I don't know about you, but I am always trying to find an excuse to buy some new shoes to spice up my outfits!  And the best part is -- we have a wide variety of wedges in stock and ready to ship for those first warm days!  Choose from neutrals, neon colors, floral patterns, pastels and more!

Our "Trailblazer wedges" have the cutest tribal print! Even though there is a pop of color in the pattern, for the most part the neutral tones show through the most,  making these the perfect addition for tons of your spring outfits! These trendy peep toe shoes are sure to have you flooded with compliments!  Style these wedges with a vibrant spring dress to bring out the colors in the shoes! 


Look at how bold and daring these next wedges are! The open toe and studded detail are sure to give your inner fashionista an edge up this season! These will be your favorite go to wedges because they will make you feel fashion forward AND because they will coordinate with almost anything! We've paired the wedges with these gorgeous black lace shorts and a colorful tank for a pop of color!  This looks says sassy all over it! 



 You can never go wrong with neutral and classy, so the next style of wedges are on point! You'll be up for anything when you're wearing these wedges! Pair these wedges with dresses, skirts, and denim! Plus, you can wear these to work or for special events.  And, you can mix them with a variety of prints and color schemes too.  Basically these classic shoes are uber versatile, and you should do your spring wardrobe a favor and add these to your collection! 


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