Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Best Coat for Fall is at Flourish Boutique: Unique Bubble Coat by Samuel Dong

I don't know about you....but for me, Fall is all about having the right coat! Every year as the summer starts to wind down and talk of back to school starts to filter into mind turns to back to school shopping! I may be years past from needing any new clothes for school but nonetheless for me late summer means shopping season! And, without a doubt each shopping season I feel the unexplainable need to have a new and fabulous coat to welcome the cooler weather with! Last year this was a black coat with pleats at the bottom, found on a Chicago shopping trip. However, this year in Michiana there is no need to head to Chi-town...this season the fun and unique coat can be found at Flourish Boutique in South Bend!

What is this coat you might ask...well a Bubble Coat of course, and not just any bubble coat...beautiful trench style coats with poofy bubble hems by Samuel Dong. In Black, in Brown, in Forest Green, and a Dark Pink (almost red) colors this coat makes a splash and flatters almost every body type. You can see the coats in pictures below....and see how stylish and unique this coat really is.

Here are some great things about our Bubble Coat at Flourish!
1. We carry it in size S-XL and this has fit sizes 2-16!

2. We carry it in a variety of colors and can even order ti in several more including teal!

3. Some of the fall colors we carry have a very subtle metallic sheen.

4. The coat ties at the waist and cinches you in, making the coat slenderizing

5. Price for this fabulous, fabulous coat...$133, not too bag for such a cute item!

6. If you are currently a "recessionista" then this is the perfect purchase to make your entire fall wardrobe feel updated!

7. You can dress it up or down: wear it with jeans to the grocery store, work clothes, or pair it with a cocktail dress and heels: it goes anywhere!

8. Lastly, this makes the perfect gift for someone!

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