Thursday, October 30, 2008

Leggings...You know You Want to Try Them
Here's How You Can and Why You SHOULD!

Ok, ladies, be honest, even if you have not already worn them, you have probably noticed the recent comeback of leggings. If you haven't yet put your 80's fears to rest, and gotten a pair, I am guessing you are holding back due to one of three things. You may feel that you are either 1.Too Old, 2.Too Heavy, or 3.Too "Classic" to don the skin tight leggings that are so in right now. WRONG! You need to get them, wear them and love them.
Here's why:
1.You can wear leggings like tights but they are easier to put on (wear them with skirts and then put on your boots)
2. Put them under a dress that would otherwise be too short and you are good to go
3. Under tunics and dresses the right pair offers tummy and thigh control
4. It's a great way to make older pieces in your wardrobe look new
5. They offer a bit more warmth than bare legs but are not over the top woolly and wintery
6. No problem...cover your ever whiter legs with these and stretch the wear out of your transitional clothing into November and December
7. Great to wear under our cute bubble coat by Samuel Dong!

Still Don't Believe me?
Let me Put to rest these myths. Here are the facts with pics to prove them:
1. Do Wear Leggings no matter your age and look great!

2. Do wear Leggings whether you are Slender or Curvy.

3. Do Wear Leggings In a Classic way too (and not just the cute edgy ways you might expect)

4. And, finally a good way to start out the trend: Do Wear Leggings with Basically all Black

Now let's look at some general dont's!!!!!

Summary of the Dont's
1. Do NOT wear leggings with short denim, torn skirts. A lot of younger women especially seem to think leggings are the perfect excuse to break out that old short-short denim skirt...the answer is no!

2. Do Not Wear Leggings as pants by themselves. Unless you are going to an 80's costumer party or you are at the gym, leggings should be treated as hosiery and not pants.

3. Do not pair leggings with tennis shoes...they need pumps or cute flats, but not tennis shoes!

4. Do not wear leggings with lots of pattern.
5. Do not wear colored leggings with lots of other colors and other words, if you opt for some of the brighter hues in legging options, then keep it simple up top!
You can go to to purchase our denim leggings by Papillon.
However, we also have great leggings in black, white, gray, brown, magenta and two shades of us at 574-277-PINK to reserve any of these.
Also....****Just in from Spanx....over the heel leggings in black, and great control chocolate brown leggings (not to mention the reversible tights in brown/black)

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