Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Shopping at FLOURISH Boutique!

THE PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFTS ARE AT FLOURISH BOUTIQUE & GALLERY The Flourish "Birkin" Bag, Available NOW in store and online for $127

The holiday season is upon us, and I am so excited to tell everyone about what Flourish has to offer our customers during this special season!

Why Shop Flourish for the Holidays

  1. Our wish List: Flourish offers a customizable wish list service. Come into the store or browse online, and we can keep track of your favorite items. Then you tell your friends, family, or significant others to come to FLOURISH (or we can even notify them if you like) and we will help them get exactly what you want!

  2. WE offer free gift boxes and free gift wrap

  3. We will ship any gift over $100 for free to your out of state friends and family!

  4. REGISTER your holiday cocktail or party dress, so no one else can buy the same outfit for your special event. (ex. Are you a member of Junior League and going to the Holiday Ball...make sure you dont see yourself coming and going all night long, by buying and registering your dress at FLOURISH)

  5. We sell truly unique, one of a kind items that your family and friends are sure to appreciate as gifts...don't get the run of the mill present, but rather surprise and delight your friends and family with one of a kind gifts.

  6. When you shop FLOURISH you support a locally owned, small business and also since we carry lots of handmade jewelry and accessories as well as fine art, you will be supporting talented artists and designers.

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