Sunday, October 17, 2010

MAJOR fall Must Haves at Flourish Boutique

Does anyone else think Rachel Zoe is, like, "Major"? Right?! We love her, here at Flourish! We get the biggest kick out of her antics, we love her advice on accessories in particular, and in general we just love her sense of fashion! So, it was with great joy that when I opened up a recent Zoe Report email, I saw she had recommended black quilty rainboots as one of her fall under $200 must haves! Why was I excited? Because I recommended basically the same thing to all of you:) The difference though: Rachel's idea of a bargain was getting these $175 Hunter rain boots....but my idea of a bargain, is our $39 version at Flourish. You can see the Hunter pair below and our pair to the right.

The Flourish "Quilty Pleasures" Boots, $39

So, if you have interest in getting our cute pair, so that you too can be MAJOR-ly in style this fall, lol, feel free to call FLOURISH at 574-277-PINK. We can ship them anywhere in the world for you!

The Hunter $175 Wellington Rain Boots
As recommended by Rachel Zoe

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