Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Fashion Tips with a ....Flourish!

1. Red is back! For a couple of years it seemed kind of cliche to wear red to holiday parties and events...but as with all trends, it has cycled back through and you can safely plan to be the lady in red! See our dear customer and model, Sandy, below showing off a beautiful red wine ruffle top by Samuel Dong, as a great example!

2. The more sparkle, the better: Sequins especially are huge this season. Get a shell thats sequins or even a handbag but make sure to weave this irresistable trend into your holiday wardrobe. At Flourish we have tons of pretty glittery things!

3. Costume Jewelry: maybe its the recession that has people spending less on more, but whatever the reason the trend is for BIG and I mean big, bold jewelry. Rock it sister!

4. Black opaque tights: forget your mom's panty hose...wear dark, dark black tights with your little cocktail's funky and fresh and we have some great tights in by Spanx right now that are sure to outlast all your other hosiery!

5. Hostess gift trends: scarves and fun sparkly watches are two of our favorite little gifts to recommend. How can you go wrong with these fun accessories...??!

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