Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bridesmaid Trends for 2013

Wedding season is just around the corner which means brides-to-be are in search for the perfect dresses for their leading ladies. Bridesmaids should be cheering about some of this years trends and the fact that they can actually be worn again!

1. Lace-- even though lace is not a new concept for weddings and gowns, it is typically not seen on bridesmaids dresses. But that is changing this year. Lace is showing up in a beautiful way, plus these colors are fabulous!

"Happily Ever After Dress"
"Paper & Lace Dress"

2. Illusion necklines and sheer-- Adding sheer to a gown brings out an additional element of elegance. The illusion neckline, similar to the "Pretty in Pearls Dress" below has been popular for bridal gowns, but is now makings its move to bridesmaids wear. Sheer sleeves and overlays are also flattering on most figures. And don't worry about being taboo by wearing ivory or black...that too is changing and becoming a trend.

"Pretty in Pearls Dress"
"Say It With Chiffon Dress"
3. One shoulder-- Contrary to the strapless, dresses with one strap add extra confidence on the dance floor, so your maids will stay out there all night. Yet again, this is not a new style to the bridal industry, but it will be one that you see more often going down the aisle. The asymmetrical design is a great feature for ladies of all sizes, while providing extra support.

"New York, New York Dress"
"Sweet As Sunshine Dress"

4. Fancy details-- Sparkles and embellishments are going to make a bigger presence this season. Don't be surprised if you see more elegant dresses, both long and short. For a a more romantic feel for your bridesmaids, these dresses are a gorgeous option. And who wouldn't want to wear these dresses again!

"Sleeping Beauty Dress"
"Dance with Me Dress"

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