Thursday, May 9, 2013

Flourish Four Legged Friends

The month of May always seems so full of celebrations: birthdays, showers, Mother's Day, graduations and much more all seem packed into one.  We at Flourish Boutique, always enjoy helping our customers find cute dresses for all these special occasions, and love seeing all the pictures that flood Facebook splashed with our dresses and outfits!  But, it has also come to our attention that there is one more little known, but super fun reason to also happens to be National Pet Week right now!  And, who doesn't love a reason to honor our faithful four legged friends?!

Most of us Flourish girls have pets we adore...many of you have gotten to see recent pics of store owner, Vanessa's sweet new Morkie, Bentley.  But we thought you would all enjoy a little sneak peek behind the scenes at some of our other Flourish girls' pets!  

Flourish girls with their doggies!

Brianne on the top left is holding her dog, Lola.  Brianne is our Director of Sales & Development at Flourish.  She is always super busy growing our Facebook fan base, managing web orders & customer service issues for all web and facebook orders....Oh and in her spare time she plans fashion shows, recruits models, and a million other things:)  She's been at Flourish for over two years now and joined us full time when she graduated last year from Saint Mary's College:)  And if all of that doesn't keep her busy enough...did we mention she is getting married in July this summer?  But, Brie always makes time for Lola....who is a Beagle & King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Mix.  She and her fiancĂ©, Pat love to take Lola up to the beach at St. Joseph, Michigan on the weekends to relax a little.
*Brianne is wearing our "Here Comes the Sun Dress"

Vanessa on the top right, is the owner of Flourish and is pictured here with Bentley:)  Owning Flourish and being a mom keep her crazy busy. But she loves being a business owner and staying busy, and no matter what she makes time for her new puppy, Bentley.  Bentley is a morkie (half Yorkshire Terrier and half Maltese). Sometimes Bentley even comes with her to work at the boutique.  We always all laugh because he has it so good...he gets passed around from one Flourish girl to the next...and when there are photo shoot days then he gets cuddles from all our gorgeous models's a rough life for Bentley:)

Flourish Model, Ansley, with Bentley (ie. rough life for Bentley:))
Ansley is rocking our "Could Be Chanel Jacket"

Ann on the bottom left, is our fabulous Assistant store manager and is pictured with her adorable dog Lola.  Ann joined the Flourish team in the fall of 2011 and then became an Assistant Manager one year later:)  She also is a hair stylist and busy mom too!  In fact her son is about to graduate from high school in just a couple weeks and her daughter is not far she is glad to have the company of her sweet Daschund, Lola.  Ann's even debating on getting Lola a sister or brother doggie because she loves her so much:)

Shana, on the bottom right, is looking super cute with her Golden Doodle, Winnie,  Shana is our Assistant Director of Sales and Development.  She is often the face behind the postings in the evening on FB and helps with a ton of marketing, online orders, and customer service too.  She is one of our newest team members and joined the Flourish family only a month or so ago.  She and her hubby (they're cute newlyweds) live close by and love traveling and The Bears (obviously from the matching Bears jerseys)...and Winnie goes with them wherever they go!  So fun!

So, now you know more about some of our wonderful Flourish team, and their cute pets too.
If you have any pictures of you in Flourish clothes with your pets send them to us at and we will throw them up on FB too!  XOXO, the Flourish Girls

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