Friday, May 10, 2013

Great Gatsby Gorgeous at Flourish Boutique

I have been waiting patiently for today for a long, long time.  What is today you ask?  Nothing short of opening day for the new "Great Gatsby" movie, starring Leonardo DiCaprioTobey MaguireJoel EdgertonCarey Mulligan, and Isla Fisher. While I haven't seen it yet, this film promises to be as lavish as the decade and time period it is based on.  The sets and costuming look opulent and stunning, and even the music and cinematography look epic.  

Being a boutique owner and fashion obsessed, I admit I am just as excited for the costumes and fashion as I am the actual movie plot.  The jewels, feathers, beading, etc promise to be truly breathtaking.  I have always loved this time period of fashion history, and in fact last year Flourish hosted a decade themed fashion show, which opened with a nod to the 20's fashion and flapper era.  Here are some photos from that show.  

But of course that was last year, and all those adorable dresses and necklaces, etc are all sold and happily in our customers' I had to make sure we had a few 20's inspired dresses ready and waiting THIS SEASON too!  Here are some looks from the actual Gatsby movie and how you can snag a similarly inspired Flourish Boutique dress to wear to a dinner/movie date when going to see the Great Gatsby this weekend!

Check out the stunning feathers in this look from the movie:

image from
And here is a gorgeous modern feather dress by Minuet for you:

New York, New York Dress from Flourish Boutique
A incredible costume from the Great Gatsby featuring 3d Rose Petals and texture:

Image from

And here is a 20's inspired dress from Flourish Boutique featuring 3D petals as well:

The Great Gatsby Dress from Flourish Boutique, call 574-277-PINK to order

Lastly, here is a beautiful look from the movie featuring just some of the gorgeous head wear and headbands that were popular during that era:

Image from
And, here is our stunning curvy model, Andrea, wearing a modern headband across the forehead to get a vintage inspired look.  Great idea for when going to the movie, but still wanting to wear casual clothes!

Check out this outfit and other looks via our Flourish Facebook Page!
We put up new outfits throughout the day and you can order directly from FB!

Well, you know where I will be tonight!  Escaping to the world F. Scott Fitzgerald forever captured in the Great Gatsby!

XOXO, Vanessa
Owner of Flourish Boutique and

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