Monday, June 17, 2013

Swimsuit Cover Up 101

Swimsuit season is upon us! Grab your sunscreen, a good book and head to the water. Even though you're headed to the beach, doesn't mean you have to throw your style out the window. Looking classy in your beach attire is easier than you think. One easy way to add some style when walking on the beach is by wearing a fashionable cover up. Now, finding a classy and stylish cover up, that can be harder than you think.

One simple option is to find a cute dress or tunic and wear that instead. When looking for a cover up, find a light and soft fabric that you won't mind getting sandy or wet. Also, finding one which can be slipped on over your head without much effort is important. The last thing you want when at the beach is to struggle getting your cover up off. Here are some stylish and appropriate selections, which could easily be used as a swimsuit cover up.

Tribal Trail Dress

Traced in Lace Tunic Dress

Stripe Setter Dress
Dances With Wolves Dress
Teal & Tribal Tunic
Bad to the Bandeau Tunic
Catch A Ray of Crochet Tunic
Now when you head to the beach or the pool, you will look fabulous! Throw on a pair of cute sunglasses and a big floppy hat and you are set. Enjoy summer fashion wherever you go!

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