Thursday, June 13, 2013

Throwback Thursday: the 80s

The 80s were a time of big hair, shoulder pads, leg warmers, and Madonna. Some remember it with fondness, some with bad fashion memories and others-- well they don't remember it at all. But not all fashion in the 80s was worth dumping, and you've probably already seen a few styles sneaking its way back into stores. Prepare yourself for a blast from the past in some current fashion trends.

Trend #1-- Cut-Out Shoulders 
This style of top was a way in which 80s fashion could express some creativity. Showing a little skin was the way to go, with shoulder cut-outs being the most common. These current cut-out styles are feminine and a great way to show a little more personality and flare in your attire.

Trend #2 -- Oversized Tops
Oversized tops or "bat-wing" sleeves were definitely a common style. Regardless of if it was a top or just a oversized t-shirt, pairing it with a mini skirt or leggings was the way to go. Not much has changed with this look. Now, you can get the same style, with a little more sophistication, by pairing a top with a classic pencil skirt or a pair of solid color leggings.


Trend #3 --  Neon
You probably didn't think this one would make its way back into trend, but it has and in a big way. Bright neon colors are making a big presence, especially in accessories. While seen more commonly now in moderation, adding some neon is a fun way to bring some spunk into your wardrobe.

Even though you may have thought 80s style was dead, it definitely is not! Bring back these styles in a ultra-fashionable way. Trust me-- you will look like totally awesome!

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