Monday, July 8, 2013

Brand Focus: Ya Los Angeles

It's time to check out another one of our favorite brands at the boutique! If you've poked your nose around our website at all, you will know that we just love Ya Los Angeles. As you can probably guess, this wholesaler is based in Los Angeles, California. With one of the most recognized names on the market, Ya has been in the wholesale apparel business for the last fifteen years. Their mission is pretty simple: to make women look and feel great. 
"We believe that part of what 
makes us all unique and special 
is our femininity, and we strive to uplift 
and empower women by providing 
clothes that celebrate and 
 honor the female form."
The Ya team works with a group of designers who create styles which compliments women of all kinds. You can always expect unique and current designs whenever new styles arrive at the boutique. Here at Flourish, Ya Los Angeles is one of our customers favorite brands. Between the high quality and comfort of the clothing, it is hard to find a Ya piece that you won't just love to pieces.

Here are some of the most current styles from the Ya Los Angeles collection!

Next Level Tunic
Think Pink Dress
Afternoon Tea Dress
Happily Ever After Dress
Baroque Beautiful Top
All A-bow-t Beauty Skirt in Ivory
So Comfy Tee Tee in Coral
Embroidered Elegance Dress

Do you see why we love them so much! Endless amounts of fabulous styles-- just what we like! You can learn more about the Ya Los Angeles company at their website. And don't forget to check out the Ya Los Angeles collection on our website, too!


Anonymous said...

We love the adorable and clever names you've given our pieces, as well as the professional photography treatment! Also appreciate that you use average-sized ladies so that your customers can get a real feel for how our pieces will look on them. You're so good at what you do, Flourish!

Flourish Boutique said...

Thank you Daisy! We're proud of what we do and truly appreciate the great products you continually produce!