Friday, July 12, 2013

Our Beautiful, Blushing Bride: Brianne!

Wedding bells are ringing at Flourish these days! Our Director of Growth and Development, Brianne will tie the knot in just over a week.  It's exciting to hear about all the special details and of course the wedding fashion.  Plus, many of us Flourish girls will be there to celebrate with her on her big day.  So, it was only fitting that we hold a special Flourish Boutique Bridal Shower in her honor.

This past Wednesday evening, almost all of our team gathered at my house to share dinner and laughter, while we spoiled Brianne with some essentials for married life.  We thought you would enjoy a little behind the scenes peek at our fun night! 

Vanessa's House Decorated for the Shower

The Flourish Girls Visiting and Playing a Game Before Dinner

Who: Brianne, Vanessa, Nicole, Becca, Hilary, Shana, Maria, Emily, Shelby, and Aundrea.  (Ann, Andrea, and Courtney could not make it).

Where: My House

What: Brianne's Bridal Shower

When:  7-10 Wednesday Night

What we ate: Fresh Fruit, Pasta, Mixed Greens with Grilled Chicken, Strawberry Cake & Champagne

Game: Each Flourish girl wrote down their first kiss & Brianne had to guess which girl belonged to each kiss!

What she got: Candles, towels, wine glasses, a friendship sign, coffee mug holder, serving bowl, & more!

Brianne Opening Gifts:  Notice our On Trend Pink Chevron Bag, hehe:)

Brianne Cutting Her Cake

Pink Champagne, of course, for the Flourish Girls!

All the Flourish Girls Present at the Shower:
Top Left to Right: Vanessa, Aundrea, Shelby, Nicole, Maria
Bottom Left to Right: Shana, Becca, Brianne, Hilary, Emily

We even had a special Bridal Shower Playlist:
Chapel of Love by the Dixie Cups
White Wedding by Billy Idol
Wedding Dress by Matt Nathanson
Wedding Day by Casting Crowns
Grow Old With Me by Adam Sandler
You and Me (Wedding Version) by Lifehouse
Marry me by Train
Love Story by Taylor Swift
Kiss the Bride by Elton John
Wedding Bell Blues by the Glee Cast
Most People Get Married by Patti Page
Let's Get Married by Jagged Edge
When We Get Married by the Intruders
Just Married by Marty Robbins
Happily Ever After by He is We
I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis
You're Still the One by Shania Twain
We Found Love by Rihanna
Love Song by Sara Bareilles
To Love Somebody by Michael Buble
We Are Man & Wife by Michelle Featherstone

The Cake was definitely a hit too.  It is my mom's recipe.  Below see a picture tutorial and the recipe too.  It was super moist and the frosting is light and to die for!  So if you're in the mood, make a pink, inspired Flourish Cake and tag us in the pix:)  Enjoy!

Flourish Strawberry Cake Recipe

1 Box Strawberry Cake Mix
1 Box Strawberry Jello Mix
Canola Oil
Powdered Sugar
Butter (stick, I used salted by Land of Lakes)
1 Jar of Strawberry Preserves
Fresh Strawberries
1 Tub of Coolwhip

Cake Instructions:
1.       Prepare a regular box strawberry cake and use the directions on back of box. 
2.       After cake has cooled, use a toothpick to pierce cake about every two inches.
3.       Prepare the box of jello, but do not cool.  After jello powder dissolves, pour a little bit of liquid jello into each of the holes in the cake (made from the toothpicks). Do not use all of jello, but rather just enough to pour a little down each hole. If you add to much jello, cake gets too wet.
4.       Put cake in refrigerator for jello to set.

Frosting Instructions:
1.       Use one full stick of softened butter, but not melted butter.  Whip butter until it is light and fluffy in a mixing bowl (about 5 minutes).
2.       Add one cup of powdered sugar to butter and mix on low.
3.       Add approximately ½ of regular size jar of strawberry preserves to frosting in bowl.
4.       Add about ½ small container of cool whip and continue to mix.
5.       Slowly add additional powdered sugar until you get your desired consistency and taste (yes little sneak tasting required:)). Frosting should be fluffy but firm enough to still forms peaks.

Frosting the Cake Instructions:
1.       On refrigerated cake, spread remaining strawberry preserves evenly over cake.
2.       Put a layer of fresh sliced strawberries over cake and preserves.
3.       Add all of frosting on top of the preserves and strawberry layer and frost cake.
4.     Keep cake cool until serving (fridge) otherwise jello will melt.  We served with more fresh strawberries too.


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