Monday, August 5, 2013

5 Style Tips For Fall!

1. Don’t Be Afraid of White              
You know that stigma that’s attached to wearing white after Labor Day? Completely erase it from your mind. While we’re starting to ease away from this stigma, it’s still pretty present in our minds. Designers are incorporating white into tons of pieces in their fall/winter collections. So why not pair some white jeans with riding boots and a colorful top? You don’t always have to stick to blue jeans just because of an old tradition!

2. Boots With Everything, Always.
One of the best things that come with the fall season is new boots! Brown, black, studded, cropped, heeled, combat, whatever you like, it’s the perfect time to go buy some! It’s no secret that boots are the easiest way to make your fall wardrobe complete. If you’re questioning what to put on your feet, black or brown riding boots will pretty much go with any outfit. Whether you’re looking to complete an outfit for a nice dinner or just want to go to class in some leggings, riding boots are your go to shoes.

3. Small Patterns
A HUGE trend this fall/winter season is small patterns. We’ve had paisley, we’ve had big prints, but now we’re switching it up to small, more intricate patterns that really make heads turn. Pieces with small patterns might seem complicated or difficult to wear at first, but they’re actually perfect because you don’t have to worry about accessorizing as much! Throw on a pattern dress, or a pattern top with some pants or leggings and your good to go!
4. Statement Accessories in Bold Colors
Statement accessories have always been trendy and have consistently been a hit season after season. This is still true going into the fall season, but now we’re turning the color up! We’re used to seeing bulky accessories in silver, gold, and black, but what about red, blue, green, and orange? Don’t hesitate to pair a bold necklace with a few of your outfits this season. You’ll be sure to turn heads with a contrast piece and you don’t have to worry about wearing a bunch of different accessorizes to make your outfit perfect!

5. Hats!
What’s better to complete your outfit than a great hat? Hats are the perfect match to a pair of boots for the fall season. No matter what style, hats are and always have been the perfect way to complete a cute and casual outfit (and maybe also a last minute solution to a bad hair day). If you have a long day ahead of you, and still want to look cute by the end of the day, throw on a hat and your hair worries are gone!

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