Monday, August 12, 2013

For the Love of SPANX!

Are you a one-size shopper? You've always been a medium, always will be a medium, and will never look at anything but a medium? Did you get offended when someone suggested you actually try on a large? 
Do you get worried every time you get a Facebook notification that someone has tagged you in a photo? Do you only let your friends take photos of you from a certain angle, standing sideways, with your hand on your hip?

Does this sound crazy yet?
We think it does. So ladies, listen up. We want to talk about sizes and we want to talk about SPANX

There a lot of things that make us feel self-conscious and a lot of pressure from the media on us to look good (and by "good" they mean thin). But how will you look your best? By feeling your best! The absolute best way to ROCK an outfit is to feel comfortable in it. This is the number one reason that you should not worry about the size on the label of any article of clothing. Let me repeat: Do not. Worry. About. Sizes. 

Working in a boutique has taught me that not all sizes are equal. Sizes just give you a general idea of what body type that particular piece might fit. A small from one designer might be equivalent to a medium in the next. This is why we have dressing rooms (and exchange policies)! Getting your heart set on only wearing one size will just leave you broken hearted and you might miss out on a great buy. The most important thing about any article of clothing is the fit. If you usually wear a small, but the large mysteriously fits you well- get the large! No one will ever see the size on that tag, but they will see how the clothing fits you. Always, always, always go for fit.

In case you didn't know, everybody's wearing them. Under just about everything.

We actually sell some of this fabulous brand in our store, dontcha know?

SPANX Reversible Tights

SPANX should become your new best friend. SPANX are there for you, do not be afraid of them. They sell a multitude of bodyshaping products (we love their tights) that are designed to keep you comfortable and calm by allowing you to not worry about your body all night. They will keep everything tight and where it is supposed to be. This is why they are so fabulous! No one will see them, but they will see you looking your best!
Don't believe us that they actually work? Curvy and teeny tiny celebrities all agree on them! Oprah (she even included them in one her famous Favorite Things Episodes), Beyonce, Heidi Klum, Kelly Clarkson, Octavia Spencer, Jennifer Garner, and Adele are just a few: Check this out.

Either way, don't let anyone (or any size) tell you how to feel about your clothes and your body. Being a woman is not easy, so don't worry about what people can't see whether it is the size on your tag or the SPANX under your clothes :)

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