Monday, August 26, 2013

Color Your Fall Wardrobe

When thinking of fall, the colors which most often come to mind are brown, black and neutral tones. And while these colors are appropriate and stylish, don't be afraid to step out of the fall color box! Color is no longer reserved for summer months. So be prepared to see bolder colors in this year's fall fashion. And if you're anything like us, we're super pumped for fun fall colors! Colors such as pink, wine, red, blue, teal and green will be well represented!

Pink: Dark shades of pink, combined with black and dark blues will have a strong presence in the fashion scene. Add this feminine and flirty color for a nice pop to your fall wardrobe.


Blue: Royal blue is making a big splash this season and why not! It's a beautiful and rich color that looks great on a variety of women's coloring. Also, plan on seeing different hues of blues in the mix. Combining your blue tops with black bottoms or black boots is a great way to accent your fall wardrobe.

Reds: Although it is similar to pink, shades of reds are big for this season. Shades close to red on the color wheel, including wine and magenta will also be very popular. And don't let red scare you off, go ahead and try a few pieces. You might be surprised with how much you like it!


Fall fashion is looking nothing but fabulous! Soon the leaves will be changing along with the colors of your wardrobe, so take a few chances this fall and add some color to your closet!

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