Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fashion Soultion for the "Too Short" Skirt Issue

Have you ever had a skirt or dress that you just loved but it seemed just a little too short? Or maybe you're just a bit taller than dresses are designed for? Well, we have good news for you today that will solve your short skirt issues. It's the Lovin' Lace Skirt Extender Slip! This piece is a must addition to your closet. Lace is a classic, feminine feature which can be added to almost any outfit.


All you have to do is throw it on underneath your "too short" item and you're set! It's really just that easy. You can now wear those favorite outfits again without being concerned about length.

It's too adorable not to pass up! Plus, it is also available in black! Check it out on our website for more pricing and size information.

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