Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Not in School? You can Still Back to School Shop!

Are you a recent college grad? Well, if you're anything like me, you're missing the "Back to School" shopping you used to do at this time of year. Well, there's no reason we should miss out on all of the great sales! Here are some suggestions for how to get your fix without breaking the bank!

Recent grads, who are now members of the Working World, have different needs at this time of year than students who are headed back to another year of learning. Instead of school supplies, back packs, and classroom clothes, you need things that are appropriate for a professional setting. You need things that will make people take you seriously, but still allow you to dress for your age. Here is a "Back to School" list that will work for you:

1. Dark Skinny Jeans.

A great pair of dark skinny jeans works great for Casual Friday. Depending on your place of work or how you style them, you can also dress them up enough for any day of the week. Heels (including heeled boots) automatically step your look up a notch. Add a blazer and you'll look extremely stylish and professional. Adding this piece to your wardrobe is a sure winner! 
For these and all of our denim selection visit the denim page on our website: http://flourishboutique.com/bottoms/denim.html

2. Get a Fun New Bag!

So you don't need a new backpack this year? Great! Get a new other kind of bag! And keep the details colorful and happy! Here are a couple of options: a colorful clutch that will look great with your black work blazer. It will also transfer quite well to happy hour when you step out for a drink after work. Or a hot pink iPad case- cover that baby in style! [We have a lot of other bags coming in with our fall inventory- keep an eye on the website or stop in to see some of them!]

Left: Hot Pink iPad Case (we are currently sold out of this item)
Right: Colorful Language Clutch

3. Last but not least, a New Scarf. 
This will definitely make you feel like you got to do a little bit of "Back to School" shopping. A comforting scarf that has enough colors in it to allow you to wear it over and over again with different outfits.

Top Left: Nibble in Neon Scarf in Coral
Bottom Left: Peach Panther Infinity Scarf
Middle: Layer in Chevron Scarf in Blue
Right: Tweet at Me Scarf in Navy

Don't let a little thing like graduation make you feel left out of the sales! Back to School sales are a perfect time to make sure you have your work wardrobe revamped for this year as well!

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