Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back To School Shopping Tips

This time of year can be so busy and expensive; from getting ready for school, moving out to moving into dorm life, buying school supplies, etc. There is a lot to get done. And probably in all the hustle and bustle, you realize that you need new clothes before the school year starts. Obviously, you want to look good strolling around campus!

But back to school shopping doesn't have to be difficult and time consuming. Unless of course, you like to shop, then by all means, take all day! The key to preparing your closet for back to school is all in the basics. Stocking up in basic items can really make your wardrobe go a long way.

Having a well stocked "basics" section of your closet will ensure that you are always prepared to make an outfit selection. Also, it allows for layering which is essential during the winter months. The Seamless Perfection Tank Dress will make you fall in love. These great tops can be paired with some leggings and a cardigan for a fabulous and effortless look!

Seamless Perfection Tank Dress

The Simple Perfection Camisole is perfect for laying with other tops or sweaters. Having a variety of color options also increases the versatility of your wardrobe. Plus, they are stretchy and comfy so you can wear them year round.
Simple Perfection Camisole

Also, don't forget a good pair of leggings. These came back into style a few years back and when they are worn properly, they can be your best friend. The key to looking good in leggings is to make sure that your top is the right length. The Seamless Tank Dress looks great with these!

The Perfect Legging

The options with leggings, a long tank and multiple cardigans are endless! You can have a full weeks worth of outfits by simply rotating colored tanks and selecting different tunic or cardigans. So go tunic and cardigan crazy, but keep your basics limited to help with cost.

No one likes to go jeans shopping and it is easy to skip over denim. One of the best investments for back to school shopping is to purchase quality denim. The last thing you want is for that new pair of pants to rip or for a zipper to break. Denim is too valuable to a wardrobe to buy poor quality. You don't need to drain your bank account, but a pair or two of good quality denim will last you a long time.

Learn to layer! You will save yourself a lot of money and hassle if you learn how to layer your wardrobe. Those summer tanks don't have to be reserved just for hot days. Throw a jacket over them and you've got a new outfit! Rotating your pieces will also keep your wardrobe looking fresh all season.

And wear those dresses, especially in fall. Put on some leggings, a jacket and boots. You have the ultimate fall look and you get another season out of them!

Antiquity Maxi in Teal

The real key to back to school shopping is to invest in a few quality basics which will last you all year. Get a good pair of denim, leggings, camisoles and a cute jacket. These will become your  best outfit components. So even if you don't feel like studying, at least you will look good doing it!

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