Monday, November 18, 2013

A Letter about Thanksgiving Shopping

As Thanksgiving approaches, your emails, TVs and mail boxes are being blasted with Black Friday ads. This is nothing new; it happens every year. And while Black Friday comes the day after thanksgiving, often it doesn't interfere with Thanksgiving Day festivities. However this year, many retailers are taking it a step further by opening their doors in the evening on Thanksgiving Day. Please take a couple minutes to read this letter from Flourish Boutique owner, Vanessa.


If you ask me, I'd say that is a pretty great statement. It is just one example of why family-centered local businesses are so important to our communities. Hearing from an owner who encourages and respects her employees welfare and  time with family is a breath of fresh air. And there are many other small business owners who agree. So before heading out to go holiday shopping this year, I encourage you to shop and support your local businesses. It is a great way to keep our family values strong in the present and to build up our communities for the future. Happy Shopping!

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