Saturday, November 16, 2013

You know what they say, history repeats itself, and it definitely does in fashion! Skirts were popular back in the 90's and have made their way back into our hearts yet again. They are more convenient than dresses when you want to add a little variety to your outfit, and can be worn with many different tops to give alternate looks! We are jumping on the skirt lovers bandwagon here at Flourish and have some great options! 

We love items that you can wear throughout the year, and this skirt is the perfect example. It is long enough to where you don't HAVE to wear them with leggings, but it wouldn't look bad if you did! Pair these with boots during the fall/winter and cute flats in the spring and summer to get a lot of use out of this piece. 

Is that London calling? We have the top English designer look without that scary price tag! Add some leggings, boots, and an over-sized scarf for a cute alternative this season. The plaid pattern was definitely popular a few years back, and we are excited to see it making its return. Going out for a casual family dinner or to see Christmas lights around the town? You will have a lot of opportunities to wear this throughout the season! 

We love an item that you can wear anywhere, and we are OBSESSED with this black and white striped skirt by Sis Sis! Its high waist is great for those of us that aren't blessed in the height department. This beauty shortens the torso and elongates those legs! With this skirt being black and white, you can wear it with any color to add variety. Throw on a scarf and you will be ready for the day!

The Bold and Beautiful Skirt

And we haven't even talked about the long skirts that have REALLY made a comeback! Look for another blog soon on our floor length skirts :) Until then, shop all of our skirt options online at 

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