Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our Scarf Love Affair

It's no secret that we have an extreme love affair with scarves. How can you not? There aren't many items that can keep you warm AND be a cute accessory all at the same time. And who are we kidding! I can't think of many of us during spring that think, "I need that scarf because it is chilly out and my neck will get cold!" Nope. We do it for fashion. We do it because it's cute! They come in all different colors, patterns, styles, and fabrics for an endless variety of options and can be styled a million different ways. Dare we say this is the greatest creation since sliced bread?

These scarves may not keep you the warmest during these frigid months, but they definitely can be a beautiful accent to whatever you are wearing. We love our "Petal Perfection Scarf that is made of red petals and lace for this Christmas season. So festive! Our "Royal Chevron" also is a great, light-weight scarf to wear for the family gathering. With accents of purple, bring out your red top for a gorgeous look! Lastly, our "On The Fringe" scarf may not be the warmest for this season, but who cares?! This Camel color looks great on all skin tones and is such a statement piece to your collection any time of year!

 Infinity scarves are SO in this season, and we know why! Adding an extra layer, it is an easy and unique trend that has everyone on board. Just pull the cool design over your head, loop once and you'll have style all day long. Our first infinity scarf to the far left is not a double looped scarf, but has the same kind of volume of one that is! This ivory knit scarf is locally made by Saffron and Nutmeg. We also have our more feisty infinity scarves that add a little more sass to your wardrobe. Our "Hear my Roar in Snow Leopard" will bring out your fun side, and you might even exude a little extra self-confidence ;) Our "Around and Around Scarf" is not your typical scarf, and that is exactly why we l.o.v.e. it! This full and oh so soft scarf will be the one you grab for any and every occasion. It has a great way of being so informal, yet so cute all at the same time!

Scarves are also amazing because of their versatility. You can wear one scarf forty different ways..literally. I actually found a blog that has forty different ways to tie a scarf. Typically you'll want a scarf that you can tie up and play around with to be light and to have two ends. Of course, you can have fun with all scarves, but these have been proved to be the easiest to tie in a variety of different ways. You can do the "infinity look" without owning an infinity scarf. You can tie a bow on one side, or braid it, the possibilities are endless! Our scarves are below, and we are attaching a few Pinterest pics to get the creative juices flowing!

Her-berry Paid Scarf
Natural Beauty Scarf

Dear Scarves, please don't ever go out of style. Love, Flourish

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