Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How To: Dress Comfy and Stylish to Class

Calling all college girls! You know those days when you want to look cute, but mostly you just want to be comfortable? Summertime is easy because you can just throw a dress on and be on your way, but winter can be another story (especially here in northern Indiana). Well, we've heard your cries and we are here to help! It is possible to be comfortable and cute, let us show you how.

Let's start with the basics. During the winter months, it's all about layering to keep warm. Start with some good quality basics-- such as these M.Rena long layering dresses and fleece leggings. These are the beginning of any comfortable outfit.

 Now that we've got the basics covered, let's move to long sweaters. They're adorable on their own, not much work needs to be done. Just pair one with either a layering tank dress and leggings or a cami and some denim. Plus, it'll keep you extra warm while you're walking across campus and give you something extra to wrap up in during those long study sessions in the library.

Let me introduce you to your new best friend-- the Piko top. I promise that you will want one in every color. These tops are adorable and probably more comfortable than your sweatpants. The fitted sleeves keep you warm and they look great with denim. If you want a little more style, throw on a scarf or statement necklace. You'll thank me later for introducing you to them.

One word: tunic. Though it's not a new concept, it may not have been on your radar. Tunics make getting dressed in the morning, the easiest things on your to do list. Put on some leggings and grab a tunic. Done. Fast and extremely fashionable. Now if only your paper were that easy!

Being comfy and stylish has never been so easy-- much easier than your finals in a couple weeks. But once those exams are done, reward yourself with a stylish and comfy new outfit!

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