Monday, December 9, 2013

'Tis the Season to Shop Together

Shopping for many women is more than just about getting new clothes. Yes, it's a nice perk but it is not always the reason for the shopping trip. Some times shopping is about the experience. The joy of going to stores looking for a cute new outfit or a great deal. Or the opportunity to spend time with someone you care about-- like your mom (or your daughter)!

One of the common challenges of mother/daughter shopping trips is finding a store where the style fits each each person. Our belief is that a Flourish women isn't of a particular age, but one who loves quality, fashion-forward styles and a friendly boutique experience. Here at Flourish, we aim to provide clothing which is attractive to multiple generations of shoppers. We offer a variety of brands, styles and fits that are perfect for a day of mother/daughter shopping, where everyone leaves happy.


Buying clothes for others at Christmas can often be a challenge, so why not get it done in just one easy swoop! Grab your girls and come check out all our Flourish favorites and new arrivals. You can even have everyone fill out a Wish List with what items and size they'd want, which takes the guessing out of shopping! Clothes not on their list? Then take a look at all our fashionable accessories. Jewelry, scarves, head wraps, leggings-- you will definitely find something they love!

Create some extra fun memories this holiday season with a mother/daughter shopping day! You'll have so much fun trying out new outfits and making sure you each look extra stylish this season. It's a day of shopping you won't forget anytime soon. Bring in the whole crew of girls for a fun shopping experience at Flourish Boutique!

Even if you're not local, you can always shop on our website whenever you want!

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