Thursday, December 5, 2013


Okay...PIKO has been around for awhile, but it has yet to make its "ugghh how did I ever live without you?!" presence in the Midwest! Good news, lovelies: we are PIKO crazy here and can't wait for you all to jump on board. Rumor has it that PIKO is coming out with dresses, jackets, short sleeve shirts, you name it! They seem to be sticking around..and we aren't complaining! Now, we have had multiple questions on what PIKO tops actually are. One customer even brought her desperation to know PIKO to an all new level by asking us, "Okay, what's a Piko top? #over50 #noclue".

So, what's PIKO?
What if I told you that we had a top that not only feels amazing, but is also eco-friendly? Made mostly of bamboo, PIKO shirts are effortlessly stylish, comfy, and great for the environment! Hard to believe, I know. Not only that, they are also extremely figure-flattering no matter what body type you are. These shirts accent your arms by fitting snugly from mid-bicep to the wrist. Everywhere else on your body is loose fitting, helping you hide those second and third helpings of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner ;)

Why NOT PIKO? You can literally wear your PIKO with anything. Honestly, they look great with anything. Currently I am rocking my brick color PIKO with an infinity scarf, brown fleece lined leggings, and leather boots. You could wear them with jeans and flats, layer them with a leather jacket, or add jewelry or a scarf! Super universal. And we LOVE versatility :)

Your Brick Red PIKO would look great for something as fancy as those Christmas pictures coming up and as casual as grocery shopping (in style, of course!) 
red piko top by flourish boutique

Pretty in Piko Top in Brick Red
The Perfect Legging in Brown

Our PIKO top in Heather Grey is that eco-friendly shirt that you are looking for! Made of 95% Bamboo, this top is extremely affordable for what it is made out of! Can't you just see yourself showing up to study group looking super cute? You never know when Mr. Right will turn the corner, but wearing PIKO from Flourish will guarantee you'll look adorable when he does!grey piko top flourish boutique

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better...

black piko top flourish boutique

 Pretty in Piko Top in Black
Pretty in Piko Top in Royal Blue
I'm sure I have lost most of you by now to one if not ALL of our PIKO's, but just in case you're still reading..STOP! Head over now to and see for yourself why PIKO tops are quite possibly this years hottest trend!

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